About The Robyn Matousek Law Office, LLC

Any attorney you trust with a delicate family law or estate matter should be experienced, knowledgeable, skillful and attentive to your legal needs.

Robyn Matousek, founder of the Robyn Matousek Law Office, LLC, in Black River Falls, is exactly that kind of lawyer, with every one of those qualities and credentials to commend her — and more.

As a lawyer with more than 29 years experience, Robyn Matousek has the record of successful service, compassion for your situation and proven ability to craft a positive outcome by negotiation or litigation. Her background as a former assistant district attorney means she can aggressively pursue your goals in the courtroom if discussions break down.

For legal knowledge, personal service, and experience to assist you with services that include family law, divorce, paternity, wills, powers of attorney and probate, come to the Robyn Matousek Law Office, LLC, in Jackson County and Western Wisconsin.

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The toll-free number to call, to arrange an initial consultation, is 800-836-4847. We welcome your email inquiry.