Practical Solutions For Paternity Legal Issues

If you are a birth mother seeking child support from the father of your son or daughter, or if you are a biological father who wants to have a significant role in your child's upbringing — the Jackson County family law firm that can help you is the Robyn Matousek Law Office, LLC, in Black River Falls.

For more than 29 years, Robyn Matousek has made a positive difference in the lives of a broad range of family law clients, both married and unmarried.

This clientele includes birth mothers who do not want contact with a biological father; mothers who feel they are owed financial support; fathers willing to undergo paternity testing and pay child support; and fathers who want to increase child visitation opportunities.

Robyn Matousek is a dedicated attorney, one whose practice is grounded in a firm belief in mothers' rights, fathers' rights and the best interests of the child. This commitment shines through in everything she does for you — and the attentive personal service you deserve throughout the legal process.

Experienced Paternity Lawyer For Unmarried Parents In Western Wisconsin

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